Saturday, May 28, 2016
at the North Branch Nature Center

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BirdSong Tune Up with Bridget Butler

The landscape is full of bird song wherever you go, whether downtown or high up in the mountains. JoinBird Diva, Birdget Butler for a spring tune up walk & talk as we learn to train our ears to the differences in bird song. We'll break down songs using phonetics, descriptions and drawings. Find out how to increase your ability to identify birds by sound with some simple steps to build your repertoire. We'll take in the sounds around the nature center and then enjoy a lively program full of gorgeous bird songs and useful tips which will have you tuned into the world around you like never before.

JS​Bridget Butler,  A.K.A The Bird Diva, has been a teacher/naturalist for more than 20 years working throughout New England. She has worked for the Audubon Society in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, for ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center as their Conservation Education Specialist, on television for WCAX and WPTZ, as well as with Jane Lindholm on VPR's Vermont Edition twice a year for the Annual Bird Show. As the Bird Diva, she feels it important that birders use their passion for birds to make a difference by helping to protect habitat for birds and other wildlife. Bridget is also the Program Director for Cold Hollow to Canada, a small non-profit working on protecting unfragmented forests in the Northern Green Mountains. You can find out more about The Bird Diva at


Rising Tides and Specialized Sparrows: the reality of tidal marsh birds and climate change

AlyssaTidal marshes might not be home to many species, but the species that do live in these salty, ever-changing ecosystems are secretive, highly adapted to their marshy homes, and found nowhere else in the world. New England's tidal marshes are home to a specialized suite of birds: Saltmarsh, Nelson's, and Seaside Sparrows, Willets, and Clapper Rails, among others that use marshes, but don't rely exclusively on the habitat. Come learn about the ecology of these species, and how they are being affected by climate change, particularly sea-level rise.

While born and raised in land-locked central Vermont, Alyssa Borowske recently completed her PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut. For her dissertation research on Saltmarsh and Seaside Sparrows, Alyssa spent four years slogging through Connecticut's tidal marshes in spring, summer, and fall, and then migrating to the sparrows' non-breeding grounds in the south-eastern US during the winter. Alyssa's extensive field work was part of the highly collaborative Saltmarsh Habitat and Avian Research Program. When she's not out in the field, Alyssa enjoys writing about other birdy things in her blog.

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