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BioBlitz Resources

Here are helpful resources for the event. We will continually update and improve these documents and web links.

BioBlitzer Updates
These are important, periodic updates we've been sending to registered BioBlitzers.

Loding and Camping for BioBlitzers
Our Accommodations Page suggests parks, campgrounds, motels and inns near Montpelier.

Taxon Leaders
These are the folks who coordinate the surveying for particular groups of organisms - birds, bees, bryophytes, etc. Newly registered BioBlitzers will want to contact their respective taxon leaders for instructions. Here's the most current Taxon Leader List.

These maps will help you plan where to survey. They should be of particular help to Taxon Leaders organizing survey work among their crews of BioBlitzers. We continue to improve our maps - and will have hard copies (and giant versions) available when BioBlitzers check in on July 11 or 12.

Other Resources

The Montpelier BioBlitz - July 11-12, 2008
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