Black-throated Green WarblerHow Drinking Coffee Can Help Birds

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Did you know that your morning cup-of-joe can help support sustainable farming practices that benefit birds? Now coffee drinkers can purchase certified “bird friendly”coffee from Birds & Beans. Not only will you be helping to preserve habitat for Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole and Wood Thrush, but you’ll be supporting our next generation of bird lovers. 

How Does "Bird Friendly" Coffee Help Birds?
Endorsed by such prominent birder/conservationists as Kenn Kaufman, “bird friendly” coffee is a simple and effective way for us to help migratory birds that travel to the American tropics for the winter. Many of those migrants that spend their summers in Vermont – birds like the Wood Thrush, Scarlet Tanager and Chestnut-sided Warbler – overwinter in places like Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. In areas where native forests have been virtually eliminated, these birds find refuge in shade-grown coffee plantations. Not all shade grown coffee is created equal though, hence the need for a certification program like that of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Plantations with a diverse or “rustic” canopy provide the best habitat for our globetrotting songbirds. To learn more about Bird Friendly certification visit the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center website. And, read about Birds and Beans on the American Birding Conservancy's blog.

Sun grown coffee Shade-grown Coffee
This sun-grown coffee plantation provides very
little habitat for birds and other wildlife.
Shade-grown coffee mimics the natural habitat of birds & wildlife.


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Where Can I Get "Bird Friendly Coffee"?
Place an order through NBNC to save on shipping and pick up your coffee straight from NBNC. Coops in Vermont are also starting to carry Birds & Beans coffee, too. Don’t see it in yours? Let your local coop manager know it’s important to you!

Got Questions?
Email Emily for more info about our bird-friendly coffee buyers club.


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