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Last Updated 3/30/15
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Background Info

During the first warm, rainy nights of spring, over half a dozen different species of frogs and salamanders make a mass migration from their wintering sites in upland habitats to vernal pools and other suitable breeding grounds.  Due to habitat fragmentation by roads, a vast number of frogs and salamanders are inadvertently killed each year trying to cross through the traffic.  Road mortality is painfully high, destroying entire populations or limiting their success rate.  Add to this increased development and higher road usage, and the scales are tipped squarely against these animals.  The objectives of this program are to educate the public about this little-known mass migration, and to recruit volunteers to assist our four-legged friends in their dangerous journey.

Program History

In spring 2005 NBNC piloted an amphibian rescue program.  Over 60 central Vermonters came to an informational training at the nature center to learn how to help amphibians safely cross roads.  Over 30 volunteers sent in reports from locations throughout the region.  In spring 2006, we brought our mission to other communities, hosting training sessions in Northfield, Stowe, Jericho, and Waterbury. In 2007 we held trainings in Waitsfield, Calais, Roxbury and Marshfield where we identified new crossing sites and recruited new volunteers. More new communities hosted trainings in 2008-2012, with over 400 people attending trainings.



3/30/15 - With the 2015 crossing season right around the corner, it's time to get ready for amphibians! Within the next week, we will be rolling out a series of training videos. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or looking to get involved for the first time, these videos should be a helpful resource. We've also added new crossing sites to our archive, including sites in Elmore, Fayston, Randolph, South Burlington, Waitsfield, and Warren.

6/18/14 - Our 2014 season year-end report is now posted at the NBNC blog.

Upcoming Events

2015 Training Schedule

Spring PeeperStay tuned for a new, online training video!



Please return all data sheets, maps, and photos to:

Larry Clarfeld
North Branch Nature Center
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Volunteers Needed for
Frog Call Survey

peeper The North American Amphibian Monitoring Program (NAAMP) is looking for volunteers in Vermont to take part in a calling frog survey this spring and summer.  Routes are available around the state and no experience is necessary.  For more information, visit or call Larry Clarfeld at (802) 229-6206.

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